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4 Stroke Motorized Bicycles

Welcome to Santa Cruz Motorized, we specialize in 2 and 4 stroke gas bikes as well as electric powered bicycles. This page aims to explain the difference between the types of bikes, to help you make a decision on which model best fits your needs.

2 Stroke Bike Motor Kits: The value in the 2 stroke bike motor is a lower cost and they provide an easier installation process. They are also a very torquey engine capable of powering up the steepest hills; They have a manual clutch and require a gas and oil mixture.
4 Stroke Bike Engine Kits: The 4 stroke bicycle engine kit has a trickier install, requiring replacement of the bottom bracket with, the supplied, 3 piece wider pedal cranks system. However, once setup, the 4 stroke engine and sturdy belt drive transmission offer many advantages. The clean burning and highly reliable engine does not require gas and oil mixture, fill up with regular gas straight from the pump. Simply administer an oil change every 3 months with about 4oz of 10W-30 motor oil. They are also very easy to operate with a pull start engine, centrifugal clutch, automatic transmission and independent pedal assist.
In Summary: If you are planning your first motorized bike build and/or are on a budget the 2 stroke may be the way to go, but if you want something more luxurious and easier to operate, go 4 stroke.
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