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Motorized Bicycles, Custom Builds and Pre-Assembled Motor Bikes.
Invest in the Worlds Newest Form of Eco Friendly Transportation These Amazing Motor Bikes will Pay for themselves Over and Over again by Saving You Thousands of Dollars in Gas and transportation expenses!

Santa Cruz Motorized Bikes
These Motorized Bicycles represent Freedom and Independence from the daily traffic routine. They will get you across town in a timely fashion(30+MPH), while slashing transportation expenses and sticking it to the man with 150 Miles per Gallon! No Need for License, Registration and Insurance costs!

Motorized Bicycle Bike Santa Cruz
Motorized Bicycles on Sale NOW!

Regularly $1495, NOW ONLY $1200!

Contact us for availablility or to get  a custom motorized bike built just for you.
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Why they work:
150 miles per gallon at 35 miles per hour.
No license, no registration, no insurance needed to be street legal and bike lane legal!
VIP Parking Everywhere!
Laws: Must wear helmet and use head and tail light at night!
Makes a Great Commuter Bike, as well as a hassle free, low stress, low sweat, leisure bike.
Easy to Ride and Maintain!
"Automatic Transmission with Centrifugal Clutch" means "Just turn the Gas and Go!"
Will last for years and save thousands in gas money, if treated properly.
Engine and Transmission have a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Many advantages over more common 2-Stroke Motorized Bikes:
Clean Burning Eco Friendly 49cc 4-Stroke Engine, No mixing oil with gas, No oil residue Drip, Clean, Quite, Powerful, Reliable and EPA Approved!